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The illusion of space

Posted by Mary Pavlu at 10:51 on 11 Nov 2011
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Not enough space in your home? You’re in good company, as most homeowners tend to face this issue. Whether there’s not enough room for your expanding family, or you just simply feel cluttered, a lack of space sometimes seems unavoidable. Instead of spending a hefty sum on a more spacious home, why not create the illusion of space?


Nix the coffee tables and stools! Since furniture takes up the most space of all, extras simply aren’t worth the clutter. Try positioning large pieces of furniture against the walls instead of the middle of the room to optimize open space. By keeping furniture away from walkways the room will instantly look larger. No matter the size of the room, the more of the floor you can see, the more spacious the room will look.


One of the oldest tricks in the book is creating space through colour. Light, plain colours always make rooms look larger, but some argue that these colours are also boring. A simple solution is using light-coloured wallpaper with a small patterned print. This creates the same sense of spaciousness without the boring visual. Bold stripes and subtle horizontal patterns also help make the room look wider. If you have high ceilings, paint them a darker shade; as this creates space in comparison to the rest of the room.


Continuous flooring like laminate or fitted wall-to-wall carpeting are great ways to create space. Remember to choose a colour that is close to the colour of the walls so the point where they join isn’t too noticeable. Never invest in patterned carpets, as they are one of the strongest ways to make the room appear cluttered. A simple tip is to always keep your floor clear. Eliminating large rugs is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create the illusion of spaciousness.


Lighting is perhaps the most crucial element in creating space. The best light is natural light; sunlight! Keeping curtains and blinds pulled back not only create space; it wont cost you a penny! Stay away from heavy draperies as they tend to make the room look smaller. Alternatively, always stick with blinds or sheer curtains. If you don’t have the option of natural light, more lamps, track lighting, and recessed lighting can make any room appear bigger.


When it comes to creating space, mirrors are your absolute best friend. Mirrors open out a room and bring in light, creating optimal space. Place one facing the window to reflect the light and duplicate the view. Or place a mirror across from a fireplace; it creates the illusion of space as well reflects the heat around the room.

Avoid Clutter

Everybody knows that having too much stuff creates a cramped atmosphere, especially in a small room. When you keep your possessions orderly and out of sight (thinks cabinets or closets) the room will seem wide and open.

Avoid plastering your walls with a lot of pictures. If there’s too much on the wall, the room will seem more crowded. Instead, invest in one large painting that will help maintain the illusion of space.


Renovation is always an option to consider when you’re in need of space. Knocking through walls to create larger rooms is one of the simplest ways to garner space, and can gain you an extra 3 feet without adding to the footprint of the property. Remember to always get expert advice from a builder before renovating.
If you’re open to a project, invest in windows for a couple of hundred pounds, which can brighten up and bring space to any room. Also consider built-in-cupboards instead of bulky wardrobes that tend to take up a lot of space.

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Photo by Five Star Painting

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