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B&Q Expands Line of Eco-Friendly 'Naturepaint'

Posted by Brenna McKinley at 12:07 on 22 Nov 2011
Really Useful

B&Q’s natural, nontoxic line of eco-friendly paint, Naturepaint, now includes 49 different shades available online.

Naturepaint offers a healthy, natural way to decorate your home, and at £17.98 for 2.5 litres of paint, going eco-friendly won’t break your bank.

Boasting to be the safest paint on the market, Naturepaint has a long list of bragging rights you should consider before redecorating your next room.

Naturepaint is completely free from VOCs found in most paints, like anti-freeze, formaldehyde or petro-chemicals, leaving you without the hassle of nasty fumes that can last for days after a giving a room a fresh coat of paint. Move back into to your newly decorated room faster and without the worry of breathing in residues lingering in the air.

None of the ingredients in Naturepaint could harm you or the planet. It lacks the chemicals present in some other paints that have been linked to health problems, and once you’re finished using Naturepaint, you can dispose of it safely with your compost (packaging and all).

Quality Finish and Colour
A combination of plant extracts and natural proteins provide a long-lasting and fashionable flat matte finish that serves as a durable and washable surface. Naturepaint’s newly expanded colour palate is made from all-natural clays and other non-toxic materials that are guaranteed long-lasting.

Minimise Waste
Naturepaint is a powder that you simply mix with tap water for use with brushes, rollers or paint pads. Thus, just mix Naturepaint when you’re ready to use it and you will only end up using the amount you need, eliminating the buildup of half empty paint cans in the shed. It is also easy to clean from brushes and rollers, allowing you to recycle your paint tools for various painting projects.

Visit B&Q to check out all 49 available colours of Naturepaint before you embark on your next paint project.


Photo from cornishlime.co.uk

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