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Welcome to the world of Andrea Maflin – decorating children’s rooms and spaces

Posted by Andrea Maflin at 16:18 on 06 Nov 2007
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Welcome to the world of Maffers. This is what my dearest of friends call me, only acquaintances know me as Andrea. When you get to know me a little better you will realise that my life verges on a sort of madness. I’m juggling my work life that can at times be very full on (well that’s the polite term for it) while my private life can be as hectic as well!

I have only ever been self-employed so switching off after 6pm at night is something quite alien to me. So you can imagine I don’t sleep very well, I’m probably at my brightest at 3am to the irritation of my poor partner Paul, who quietly suffers with my insomnia.

I have worked in multitude of disciplines, from interior design – Television presenter, Journalist, and Architectural Artist and Public Speaker. I have many other skills including gardener, cleaner (I know my place, you can’t get above yourself when your cleaning the WC – now can you?), general dogs body and ace cake maker! So I’m just a normal, down to earth type of girl. One skill I’ve finely tuned over the years is to hear an opportunity then adapted my ideas accordingly.

I’m juggling as ever, my weeks are never the same and my work can increase rapidly dependant on deadlines, never enough hours in my day. I’m concentrating on my latest project, my new book which is all about Children’s spaces, published next May by Cico books. The pressure is on, I’ll be handing over nine designed rooms for both boys and girls from babies to 8 year olds with 30,000 words on the subject by the second week in December, so at present I’m focused and I’m a font of everything to do with children.

I only recommend products and companies that I know of and I’ve bought products from. There really are some splendid companies making timeless pieces that will appeal to parents.
There’s wonderful painted white children furniture from Belle Maison. Look at the Cheeky Charlie range. I’ve bought this range and it’s beautiful. They have a Christmas specials at reduced prices, which is worth a look as well.

Chic Shack are another favourite of mine, what they don’t stock isn’t worth having. Really good quality pieces that grow with your child. Really inspirational store for children and parents alike, I know you are going to be tempted. I’ve  succumbed to temptation many times.

Scumble Goosie -  Gustavian inspired pieces are sold unpainted, though should you prefer to purchase painted items you can. They have small and simpler versions of some of their most popular pieces designed for their younger clientele. Paint them yourself to save money and get exactly the right colour for your space.

For children I would only ever use child friendly paint. Earth Born Paints have a ProAqua eggshell, the healthy, eco alternative to oil-based eggshell.  It’s acrylic free and has virtually no odour, VOC free and certified (1) (not to emit any harmful emissions during or after use). Ideal for woodwork and painting Scumble Goosie unpainted furniture. Available in 12 colours its coverage is excellent, tried and tested.

Ecos Paints are organic paints and they are totally solvent-free, independently tested to reveal 0.0% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). ECOS Feng Shui, Multi – surface coating is suitable for both walls and woodwork and is available in 108 colours. Again tried and tested.

Both web sites are packed full of information and if you have children and considering redecorating I would visit both of these websites to get informed.

I’m in the process of designing the interior a five bedroom, new build house in Essex, my work made more enjoyable with wonderful clients. I’m all of a curtain frenzy in my office; it’s full of fabric samples. I can’t hide my love of fabric, pattern and colour and this is really the fun part of my job. The build up to Christmas has begun. Not for me you understand; its about deciding on what presents to buy friends and family but also getting clients homes ready for social the festive season ahead.

My job is about timing, remembering detail, managing and chasing, in fact mostly chasing!!

Off to do my VAT return, no rest for the wicked and I must have been, as I’ve had not had a breather for weeks!!!

Andrea Maflin

Andrea has been running her interior design consultancy since 1993 and specialises in corporate and domestic interiors. Having worked on projects for clients such as Harvey Nichols and the Savoy Hotel in London, Andrea has also made regular appearances as an interior design expert on television and in a number of publications. Such appearances include ‘Home Front’ and ‘Real Rooms’ for the BBC, Channel 5’s ‘Britain’s worst DIYer’, ‘This Morning’ for ITV and The Sunday Times. She has penned four interior design focused books and is currently working on her fifth which focuses on all there is to know about children’s spaces. 


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