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Cool Down with Underfloor Cooling Systems

Posted by Michelle DeCamp at 15:26 on 28 Jul 2011
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Despite the name, Thermo-Floor isn’t all about heating things up – their bespoke underfloor heating systems can also be used to cool down your home or commercial space during these hot, late summer months!  By transferring energy through radiant heat exchange, Thermo-Floor underfloor cooling systems can keep you feeling light and breezy as August is upon us.  But you don’t have to take my word for it: see what the experts at Thermo-Floor have to say about the benefits of underfloor cooling!

Radiant heat exchange employs one of the most basic thermodynamic principles.  If an object is hot and its environment is not, the heat is transferred to the cooler of the two.  As your morning tea cools, for example, the surroundings (the air, your hand, the tabletop) absorb that heat.  So, if one were to cool the surroundings – say, cool the tabletop – the tea would get cooler faster and more efficiently.  This is the way underfloor cooling works: by cooling down the floor, the ambient heat in the room will be transferred to and absorbed from underneath.  The radiant air temperature is thus reduced more than the temperature of the floor.  This process of passing cool water through the floor – and, therefore, of cooling the room – can be done continuously.

The benefits of these systems are fourfold: cost, comfort, aesthetics and flexibility.  Unlike air conditioning, underfloor cooling doesn’t run the risk of heat build-up due to heat accumulation on the outside of the building, reducing energy consumption and saving you money.  What’s more, Thermo-Floor underfloor cooling systems reduce drafts, air pollution and dust circulation and, as they’re out of sight, you won’t need to worry about unattractive and bulky air conditioning units cramping your style. And, last but not least, although the system is capable of running continuously, you can choose when to turn on the heating or cooling – and in which room you’d like it cool or warm! 

For more information on these innovative systems, click here.



Cool Down with Underfloor Cooling

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