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Clean, protect and lubricate with the wonder can

Posted by Samee Mohammad at 18:04 on 11 Jan 2008
Really Useful

A can of WD40 is always handy to have around the house, and can be used for a lot more than just a squeaky door hinge or a rusty bike chain.

It’s useful for keeping garden furniture mechanisms free from rust and stiffness over the rainy winter. Spray on your mower blades to stop wet grass sticking and clogging up your mower.
It's also excellent at breaking down emulsion, so removing lipstick marks on clothes or dresser side cabinets. Or if you have kids around it's brilliant at removing crayon marks on walls and wardrobes, or off of the carpet if crayon has been trodden in.

It can break down residue left by sticky labels on new products.

Worth picking up when you’re next in your local DIY shop.


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