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Make elegant stair runners from remnant pieces of carpet with Easybind

Posted by Cara Verdi at 13:24 on 05 Dec 2007
Really Useful

Putting good use to any of those remnant bits of carpet lying around the house, Easybind from Stairrods is a handy new way to bind rugs and runners at home with the use of only a simple hot glue gun.

Available in 23 varying colours of rope–style edging, Easybind can be attached to the edge of any length of carpet to create complementary stair runners or rugs for the home. Far cheaper than sending off carpet for professional bounding and over-locking, and far less time to wait for the end product,  Easybind can be attached and completed at home in a matter of minutes. To see the full range of colours on offer and to read more about this handy money saving product, click here to read about Stairrods’ Easybind available at StairHeaven.co.uk.


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