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A Master of All Trades

Posted by Charlotte Coxhead at 09:48 on 13 Apr 2011
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A 54 year old buider from Brixham has shown that it’s never too late to learn a new trade. When his construction career began to slow, Sean Parramore decided to cross over into a completely different profession, gas engineering.

After working most of his life in building, Parramore spent in excess of £12,000 to fund the two month training course. As well as spending the majority of the course living away from home in a B&B, the former builder had to endure a challenging studying schedule requiring an amazing amount of self-discipline. He told the Herald Express, "Nothing prepares you for the challenge you're getting into, but I wanted to work for it. I wanted to earn it.”

Whilst studying, Parramore conducted an unpaid work placement at nearby firm, Adams Gas. After much hard work, he eventually took his professional gas exams and is now on the Gas Safe register and can undertake an extensive list of gas related work including combustion performance analysis, central heating/water heaters and gas fires. Sean's new firm is called All Aspect Heating and Gas Services.

So if you are despairing about not having any work or are unhappy in your career, take a leaf out of Sean’s book and try something new – you could find you are a master of all trades!


Sean Parramore - Builder turned Electrician



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