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The lazy man’s route to energy efficiency

Posted by Samee Mohammad at 12:04 on 01 Apr 2008
Really Useful

It’s quite astonishing that there are still millions of homes in the UK that aren’t insulated properly. Surely it makes sense to avoid having to crank up the heating in the summer, or switch on a network of fans when the temperature gets above 22 degrees.

The Energy Saving Trust have recently stated that only 30 per cent of UK households have anywhere near enough loft insulation in order to make their homes energy efficient – meaning that heat is escaping unnecessarily from 14 million homes each day.

If the problem is sheer laziness, then Earthwool might have just the ticket. Earthwool, the latest generation of eco-friendly insulation, really makes it easy to go green. Once it’s ordered online from www.earthwool.com it is delivered directly to the door in one single journey. The delivery drivers will even carry it into the house and leave it in a convenient place.

After an insulation upgrade with Earthwool a house will be more comfortable to live in – cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and it will also upgrade a home’s Energy Performance Certificate rating in the new Home Information Packs (HIP’s), making it more attractive to home buyers.

Worth a look – it might be the best investment you make this year.


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